How To Pitch To Brands: For Photographers Ebook

How To Pitch To Brands: For Photographers Ebook

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Are you a photographer? Tired of waiting around for clients to come to you? Perhaps you're consistently putting your work out there and doing everything right on Instagram and the enquiries STILL aren't coming through!

Maybe you want to go full-time in your business but you just don't have enough clients to do make it happen. OR, you HAVE gone full-time and you're kind stressing about money (I know that feeling all too well).

If you can run your business by one rule let it be ONE thing daily that will help with client acquisition.


It's time to stop feeling powerless when it comes to booking clients and go after your DREAM clients!

As photographers, we need to think ahead! With income that isn't really guaranteed, pitching to potential clients can help set us up financially for the future.

Perhaps you're working full-timer or part-time for someone else and your ultimate dream is to go full-time in YOUR photography business. Let me tell you it's TOTALLY possible! And we shouldn't have to wait for people to come to us to make it happen. This means taking more control of your financial situation and ultimately, taking control of your business.

What's Included!

  • My exact pitching template I've used to land clients
  • What ingredients you need to add to a pitch email
  • What NOT to include in your pitch email
  • My exact Instagram strategy and how I manage my pitches JUST using Instagram

Are you ready to take more control of your financial situation and start booking clients YOU want to work with?

Who Is This Ebook For?

  • You want to finally take control of your business and go after the clients you want to work with
  • You want to leverage the power of Instagram to book more clients for your photography business
  • You're a photographer who wants to expand their client database and become booked out or book clients more CONSISTENTLY
  • You're not comfortable with icky sales tactics

Who Is This Ebook NOT For?

  • You're not willing to put in the work up front to make your pitching process productive
  • You don't have time to invest into Instagram engagement each day
  • You don't believe in your services, you're not confident in your abilities and you believe you're not worthy of being booked out